Modern businesses of all sizes need a reliable storage system that can easily handle their future growth. With QNAP's QuTS hero, a high-performance ZFS-based operating system, businesses not only gain a more reliable NAS but also support for SSDs, which is crucial given their growing popularity. Whatever your needs, from data storage and management to shared media workflows, QuTS hero can streamline business-critical tasks. In this article, we talk about the advantages of QuTS hero and show typical usage scenarios. Find out why it is ideal for companies of all sizes and why it is perfect for TV editors....

Features and benefits of QuTS hero

Improves storage performance

Built-in data deduplication scans this data before it is written and removes any duplicates. Inline compression reduces the storage load by condensing the data. Inline compression increases the capacity of SSD storage for repetitive data or large numbers of small files.

The treatment itself

Although SSDs are becoming increasingly popular, it is still difficult to recover data from a damaged drive. Thanks to self-repairing technology, checksums are able to detect and repair any damage caused by hardware defects, firmware errors or metadata errors. If something is detected, the data is automatically repaired from the mirrored drive.


The QuTS hero supports most conventional RAID configurations (e.g. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 60), while also providing triple RAID parity support, which means the NAS is protected against three drive failures . It also supports Triple Mirror, which creates identical copies of data stored on three drives.

Multi-level cache

Multi-level cache technology means that data can be read simultaneously, which in turn increases read and write speeds.


QuTS hero provides almost unlimited, instant snapshots that do not affect ongoing data storage. Snapshot Replica can efficiently replicate snapshots to a remote server, copying only any changes; saving time and bandwidth. SnapSync can replicate snapshots remotely to provide enterprise-class data recovery.

Over-allocation of the pool

This technology can reserve space in the memory pool, which increases overall write performance.


QuTS hero supports AES-NI hardware acceleration, which enhances data signing and encryption/decryption. In SMB 3.0 systems, while file sharing across networks is improved, this can have a negative impact on data transmission performance. QuTS hero is much more efficient and still provides security for confidential business data.

Hero QuTS versus QTS 4.4.1

Here is an overview of the differences between the QuTS hero and QTS 4.4.1 operating systems.

Operating systemQuTS heroQTS 4.4.1
iSCSIFile 4 KBRandom reading3391711191
Random recording9340788152
SMB 3.0File 4 KBRandom reading3416811367
Random recording6792280669
SMB 3.0 file transferFile 1*10 GBRetrieved from11541136
SMB 3.0 file transferFile 10000*1 MRetrieved from25626

Examples of implementation

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Often, employees of small and medium-sized businesses need to be able to streamline the day-to-day creation and sharing of files. However, this can be difficult for smaller companies, especially if they do not have dedicated IT staff. They may encounter some problems:

  • Difficulties with centralisation and easy management of data storage
  • Lack of a unified or reliable backup and recovery plan
  • Complications when setting up user authentication, especially for temporary staff members

With a QNAP NAS server, your business gains a centralised storage system, and with the added bonus of QuTS hero, you get a cost-effective, high-performance backup solution with an almost unlimited number of snapshots. This means that you can quickly replicate your data offsite, as well as ensuring its security. QuTS hero supports the JumpCloud LDAP service, which will simplify the management and authentication of access to your NAS. It also allows end users to self-service when accessing data, reducing the need for dedicated IT staff.

Time-consuming joint media editing

For editors in studios and TV stations, stable file access and the ability to access and edit files at the same time is crucial. Therefore, problems can arise:

  • Unexpected corruption of RAW images during file editing
  • No simultaneous access to media files
  • Difficulty locating specific files in a huge media collection

With QuTS hero self-repair technology, damaged files would be searched for and automatically repaired, ensuring data integrity. The NAS will allow multiple people to access files simultaneously, meaning shared workflows will remain streamlined. The QNAP NAS also has a built-in QSirch search engine, so editors can quickly and easily track down specific files.

Corporate class companies

Businesses accumulate staggering amounts of data, which can be a real challenge for IT staff. Therefore, these companies need stable and reliable storage systems that are future-proof and efficient. Here are some of the challenges they may face:

  • Finding reliable and secure data storage systems
  • Difficulties in creating a forward-looking backup and restore plan
  • Difficulties in finding an efficient, cost-effective high-capacity storage solution
  • Simplifying user management and authentication

RAID Z provides businesses with flexible storage deployment while ensuring data protection. QuTS hero can also improve storage efficiency with built-in deduplication and data compression, so disk space is not wasted. You can create a proper disaster recovery plan with Snapshot and SnapSync to ensure that no data is lost. With Azure AD's identity and access management service, employees from multiple branches of your organisation can access the data they need.

Enterprise-class data centres

As server virtualisation becomes more common in corporate scenarios, these virtualised applications will require a competent storage system. When considering large-scale data centre deployments, there are several key considerations:

  • Flexible deployment and management in virtualisation environments
  • Performance requirements of virtualised applications
  • Guaranteed data security for mission-critical applications

QuTS hero prioritises data security and system stability, and supports multiple virtual machines, making it ideal for running mission-critical applications. For a more cost-effective storage solution, built-in data deduplication and compression improves storage performance by removing duplicates and condensing data. Snapshots and SnapSync help build a disaster recovery plan so no data is lost. Some database servers can be built in a SAN environment; with QuTS hero, using Fibre Channel, you can deploy your NAS server as a SAN storage device.

QuTS hero can benefit any size business with its reliability, flexibility and backup support. For more information about QNAP NAS and QuTS hero, call the number below to speak to one of our experts.