privacy policy

Geopolitan IT attaches particular importance to respecting the privacy of Users visiting

We are committed to ensuring that each User knows exactly what data we collect and how they can protect their privacy.

1 By using the website, you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.

2 The data collected is transmitted in two ways:

1) Information provided directly and voluntarily by the User, e.g. in contact forms or when registering in the system, downloading certain publications, subscribing to newsletters;

2) Information obtained during the use of the website by Users. The servers automatically save the following User data:

  • the time taken for the server to send a reply,
  • the IP address of the User's device, 
  • the User's request (the address of the page accessed by the User), 
  • the address of the "referer link" in the event that the page was accessed via a link, 
  • information about the version of the User's web browser (web pages),
  • information about the version of your operating system.

(3) The website also uses cookies stored on Users' terminal equipment. Cookies (so-called "cookies") are small text files sent by the visited website to the User's device.

4 The website uses two types of cookies:

1) "session cookies" (session storage) - temporary files which are stored on the User's terminal equipment until the end of the session (e.g. leaving the website, deletion by the User or switching off the browser).

2) "permanent" (persistent cookies, local storage) - stored in the User's terminal equipment for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are deleted by the User.

(5) Each User can individualise his/her cookie settings in his/her browser. Failure to change these settings implies acceptance of the cookies used in it.

(6) Most web browsers allow cookies to be stored on your computer by default. Internet users can change these settings themselves at any time, including blocking cookies.

7. the website uses cookies for:

  • maintain the User's session id (the data of which is stored on the server and is not transmitted to the User's browser),
  • handling of statistics scripts,
  • create and display personalised advertisements with information about Geopolitan IT's activities, 
  • make it easier for Users to use Geopolitan IT services.

(8) For the above purposes, Geopolitan IT uses common web-based observation technologies on the market to monitor traffic on Geopolitan IT's services and optimise the display of marketing and promotional content. Geopolitan IT services collect anonymous data on the pages visited, such as: 

  • number of unique entries/reflections,
  • country, 
  • browser,
  • time of visit.

Data is collected using solutions from external providers. We currently use Google Analytics and tools provided by Facebook. Please see details Google Analytics privacy policy and Facebook data rules.

9 Geopolitan IT makes every effort to protect the website from unauthorised access by third parties and to control the methods of collecting, processing and storing information. We only grant access to data to employees and entities that need to have access to it in order to process it exclusively for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

10. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy by publishing its new content on