Many entrepreneurs wonder whether creating a business website is worth leaving to the professionals. After all, there is an extra expense you can incur to build a simple website yourself. This is possible with the website builders available online, which require a much lower monthly fee. The question, however, is whether the alternative to such professional services will be cost-effective in the long run and whether a self-made website will definitely do its job well. In this article, we will try to answer them.
A way for new entrepreneurs to save money
If you have just set up your own business, you are bound to encounter a lot of bureaucracy, but also upfront payments. Young entrepreneurs have to invest a lot of money to enter the market - no wonder they look for savings wherever they can. Instead of paying professionals several thousand zlotys, they often choose cheap website creators who ask them to pay a monthly subscription of a few to a few tens of zlotys.
At first glance, such a conclusion seems reasonable and the use of the assistant makes sense. After all, pages created using a wizard look quite aesthetically pleasing and contain basic functions, and for many entrepreneurs such a layout is sufficient. To create a website yourself, it takes a few clicks - choosing a template, colours and pasting in a logo, as well as writing some text so that the page doesn't look empty. A website prepared in this way can be up and running in no time and will immediately become the business card of the company in question.
This, of course, has its drawbacks. First of all, pages created in a wizard often look quite poor. Their functionality cannot be adapted to the personal preferences and requirements of the website owner; nor can the specifics of the industry be taken into account. Not only that - there is a myth in the business world that website builders are completely free. Meanwhile, if you charge around ten payments for a monthly subscription, you will get the simplest professional website. The savings have simply proven to be obvious....
Secrets of setting up a website on a free template
Let's stop for a moment and see what it would be like to create a website on a template, i.e. a ready-made graphic template for a website. In theory, you don't need a graphic designer or programmer to set up your site, and everything is quick and uncomplicated. In practice, most model types cause unnecessary complications and unforeseen problems for the layman. Here are a few of them:

1. most models are not translated into Polish, let alone their documentation.

2. if you install the template on a blank page, you won't get the same magical effect as with the demo version of the template. You will always have to take care of the content of your website, as well as the graphics.

3 Creating another demo website yourself is beyond the skills of most entrepreneurs. On the other hand, when installing a template on a site already filled with content, there are often errors that only a developer can deal with. You can't just install demo content because it ruins the optimisation of the entire site - such tests need to be performed on a copy of the site.

4. many templates, in an aesthetically pleasing and very attractive demo version, have actually been modified - the demo shows elements not available after installation. Sometimes you have to pay extra for the same font or module, and that's a lot of money.

5. models are sometimes full of bugs, poorly optimised (which makes them take a long time to load), have update problems, conflicting file sources, display in Polish, support... Almost no one knows this - most contractors think that once a model is installed it will not cause any problems later. Unfortunately, this is completely utopian thinking.

So: an assistant and a ready-made template, or a dedicated website?

We do not want to explicitly advise against creating a website yourself. If you are an entrepreneur just starting out and need a simple business card site, perhaps a wizard will meet your needs and the minimal registration fee will save you a penny. However, you need to consider the limited functionality, problems with peripheral templates and often the need to display adverts.
If you want your company's website to be an effective channel of communication with your customers and to be in line with your personal expectations, a much better solution would be to hire experts to create it. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend several thousand on it. Our business proves that you can create a good, flawless website in a short time and for a very low price. For a few hundred zloty you can have an aesthetically pleasing, functional and convenient website plus a year of domains and paid hosting. This is definitely a scenario to consider