IT consulting

Grudziądz IT Consulting - completely free

The offer of substantive support and consultations covers all issues related to the IT area in the company, and also partially goes beyond this area and covers some issues related to management and organization in the company:

Grudziądz IT

Geopolitan IT services provide free IT consultations in Grudziądz and its vicinity. We also provide services in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Pomorskie Provinces.

Our strength lies in honesty and professionalism; we really listen to your challenges and requirements and then solve them with the best technical solutions, recommending only what we truly believe will bring you long-term value.


We help the company to go through the installation and implementation stage of the proposed solutions efficiently and painlessly. Experience in the form of hundreds of implementations and knowledge ensure a smooth and effective transition of the stage of changes and implementation of new solutions in the company without downtime and any difficulties. We will advise you on how to prepare for changes and help you implement them efficiently in the existing environment. We will carry out the entire implementation process, from design and concept selection, through hardware and software completion to configuration and commissioning.

Thanks to cooperation with us, using our knowledge and experience:
  • you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure
  • you will make optimal use of your resources
  • you will always receive an optimal and proven solution, adequate to your needs and possibilities
  • you will learn what are the best solutions for your needs
  • Your staff will make optimal use of the company's resources
  • you don't waste time or money looking for solutions
  • you will never overpay - you will always receive a solution proposal with the best price-performance ratio