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SEO hosting positioning

SEO and Hosting - What does it matter to us? 

Without a fast and reliable host, there is no good SEO performance - in short, the relationship between the two can be summed up. See why your choice of server to host your site affects your position and what to do to maximise your chances of getting...

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Google updates

Google's useful content updates - what can we expect?

In mid-August, Google announced on its blog that it plans to introduce a new update. This time it is called the 'Helpful Content Update', which clearly indicates its content. According to Google, the main thrust of the changes is to provide users with unique and useful content written by...

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websites Grudziadz


Many entrepreneurs wonder whether creating a business website is worth leaving to the professionals. After all, there is an extra expense you can incur to build a simple website yourself. This is possible thanks to the website builders available online, which require a much lower...

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positioning grudziadz

How to position your own website on Google? A few steps to increase your visibility!

Hi! In today's article, I will tell you how to increase your website's visibility in Google search in a few steps. You will be able to apply all the solutions yourself, even with little technical skills. So it's time to answer the question - how to position your own website in...

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one page

What is a One Page website and how do you use it for your business?

  What is a One Page website? The term 'one page site' is exactly what it sounds like - although to develop and implement it properly, you need to pay a lot of attention to what you are doing and how you are going to achieve it.Put simply, a one page site....

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Rendering of JavaScripts

Three ways to remove JavaScript code blocking rendering

Having a render-blocking resource can degrade a site's performance on many levels. Using Google's PageSpeed Insights audit tool, C2 Group front-end developer Vince Bolhius shares three simple ways to pass Google's task of eliminating render-blocking JavaScript resources in...

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What is the WebP format

WebP: efficient image format for the web

Loading speed has long been one of the most important factors when optimising a site , and both visitors and search engines consider the time it takes to call up a page to be an important evaluation criterion. Lean and compressed code or the use of caching mechanisms are part of the tried and tested...

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New website created by Geopolitan IT Grudziądz

POSPOLITIVE RUSH OF FORMER PATIENTS OF GRUDZIA NEUROSURGERY Hundreds of survivors saved at the Neurosurgery Department in Grudziadz. Thousands of people have had their health saved. recalls one of the initiators of the popular civic movement, who underwent three operations in the neurosurgery department over 20 years ago. As a long-term patient, he...

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Websites Grudziadz

Common web design mistakes that make your website look unprofessional

For online customers, your website is probably their first contact with your company. This means that it is important that your website design makes an excellent first impression. Internet users are spoilt for choice and won't hesitate to crowdsource a competing site if they don't combine...

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Geopolitan IT websites

The new website for Sushi "ŁapcieMaki" in Grudziadz.

Catch Maki is a new, unique place in Grudziadz. Here you will eat sushi made according to recipes developed by experienced sushimasters. Our menu is not only sushi, additionally we prepare warm appetisers, hot aromatic soups and dishes for children. The website is available...

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